Code of Conduct – SPEAKADA LINGO

(A) Mission Statement

Speakada Lingo is a private language school registered with the Companies Registration Office and the Irish Inland Revenue as a private language school trading as the company name under Sole Trader law of its Principal and proprietor, Liam Johnston.

The capacity of the School is 24 students equally split into morning and afternoon schedules and offers innovative courses in English language instruction for two degree Stages:  Stage I (pre-intermediate to intermediate) and Stage II (Intermediate to Advanced) as well as a Fasttrax English course.  At times it may be necessary due to the volume of students and their interest to operate a further course (English for Specific Purposes) that is tailored to cater as a short time hybrid of the two Stages.

The School’s mission is to provide a safe, nurturing environment to promote creative learning in language acquisition.

(B) RATIONALE The purpose of the school’s Code of Conduct is to give positive and practical guidelines to promote good behaviour and practice. It seeks to guide the implementation of the schools Mission Statement in the daily school activities. The Code of Conduct encourages the development of self-discipline, respect for all and a positive attitude to the school community. It applies to all school-linked activities (in and out of the school).

(C) LEGAL FRAMEWORK This policy is compliant with relevant sections of the: • Education Act 1998 • Education Welfare Act 2000 • Equal Status Act 2000 • Education for Persons with Special Educational Needs Act 2004 • Education (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2007 • Disability Act 2005 • Non-Fatal offences against the Person Act 1997 • Age of Majority Act 1985 • Health & Safety Legislation • Data protection Acts, 1988 and 2003


  1. To facilitate the orderly and safe running of the school.
  2. Facilitate teaching and learning by positive, constructive and fair means.
  3. Help to provide a safe environment for the school community.
  4. Promote good behaviour and self-discipline.
  5. To help students understand the consequences of misbehaviour.
  6. To help the school deal fairly with incidents of misbehaviour that may arise and help the students to understand the disciplinary procedures that operate in the school.


Speakada Lingo aims to promote high standards of honesty, courtesy and mutual respect for all at all times and these values form the basis of all relationships in the school. Fairness is a priority for all staff in their dealings with students and each student will be treated equally in their dealings with the school.


The responsibility for classroom management and student discipline rests with the subject Teacher.

In cases of minor misdemeanours, the student will be approached privately by the Teacher who will highlight where the student is in breach of the code of conduct policy – this will be understood as having been issued a first warning.

Where the student responds in a hostile way to a first warning the teacher will offer the student to take the rest of the class time off without penalty in order to contemplate the issues raised.

If the student’s behaviour becomes increasingly hostile and where the Teacher deems that continuance of said student’s attendance in class will contribute to either a) a disruptive element during the practice of facilitating teaching, or b) bordering on constituting a threat to the safety of the School, Staff or other Students, then the Teacher may at his/her discretion issue an immediate notice of suspension to said student from the School.


  • Students must at all times show respect to all members of staff
  • Students must at all times show respect to each other.
  • Behaviour that affects the well-being of other students, such as bullying (mental or physical), or fighting, or behaviour which disrupts the work of other students, is not acceptable
  • Students should at all times show respect to visitors to the school.
  • Students must at all time take good care of their own property, the property of others and school property.
  • Students are not allowed to interfere with electrical outlets, open or close windows, operate school equipment or move desks unless given permission to do so from a member of staff.
  • Persistent lateness or absence from the school will be made available to any regulatory bodies where visa conditions are concerned. For EU students, persistent lateness or absence will involve a meeting with the principal of the school.
  • Food and drink may only be consumed in designated areas and only at break times.
  • Students may not bring lasers into the school.
  • Mobile phones if brought to school must be on silent or switched off at all times during class. Students are not permitted to engage in calls during class unless it is a family emergency.
  • Students should at all times be well behaved in the vicinity of the school and not interfere or cause to interfere with any other groups using the shared premises.
  • Possession or supply and/ or abuse of illegal substances including but not limited to alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • Students may not undermine the School, it’s officers or the policies and aims of the School and any student continuing to do so after having been warned previously will be treated as committing a gross misdemeanour against the school which will lead to suspension.


Speakada Lingo aims to create a calm and ordered atmosphere in a caring and supportive learning environment based on respect for self and respect for others. In cases where pupils fail to observe the Code of Conduct it is necessary, for the good of the school community as a whole, to impose sanctions on such pupils including suspension or expulsion where warranted.

As outlined in Section (2) a Teacher who deems that a student has become so disruptive and unruly in class that it threatens the continued facilitation of education in the classroom and impinges upon the stability of the school community may summarily at his/her discretion suspend the student from the school.

A student who feels that they have been unfairly suspended from the school has the right to appeal against the decision in writing within 5 school days of the suspension.  This will be reviewed by the proprietor of the School who after having taken necessary investigative measures will inform said student of the outcome of the appeal within 15 school days of having received the appeal.

Should the appeal not be upheld the student will be informed by the principal/proprietor of the school that said student is expelled.

Should the appeal be upheld the student will be informed by the principal/proprietor of the school that said student may return to the school and, where necessary, of any conditional circumstances that might apply to facilitate that return.


As the school is a prestigious school with a limited capacity that operates a rolling progressive educational curriculum where replacing that loss has to be mitigated in the event of a disruptive student , the return of fees cannot be facilitated in the event that the student is expelled from the school under grounds of disruptive behaviour and/or gross misconduct.

Where a student has been suspended and is returned to the School following a successful appeal, then the time which the student had spent in suspension will be refunded to the Student for services not rendered.  If there was found to be a contributory factor involved in the students case then the principal/proprietor will take this into account and notify the student of any amendments to their reimbursement.


Serious breaches of the Code of Conduct include, but are not limited to:

  • Endangering the safety or health of any member of the school community
  • Bullying (as outlined in the school’s Anti-Bullying policy)
  • Disrespect or defiance towards or harassment or intimidation of a member of staff
  • Possession, use or supply of prohibited substances (outlined in policy on Substance Abuse) in the school, on school trips, or in the course of any school-related activity.
  • Deliberate vandalism to school property or the property of a member of the school community.
  • Interference with or persistent disruption of teaching and learning.
  • The use of obscene, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate language.
  • Stealing, fighting or the possession of offensive weapons.

In addition to being serious breaches that incur immediate suspension without any prior warning needed, these are criminal offences that will be reported to the appropriate authorities that may lead to prosecution.


All information including registration, performance grades, attendance and behaviour will be held in strictest confidence by the school and not passed to any third party organisations.  Exceptions to this will be desiginated government departments who possess the legal qualification for accessing such data.

The school reserves the right to use images of students, reviews and data for performance reports in its publicity materials and campaigns for furthering the school development.


The introduction of this Code of Conduct for Speakada Lingo is to provide, promote and encourage a safe, supportive and creative learning environment to enable language acquisition.  The School acknowledges that students come to learn a language and seeks to protect the School community from unwanted abusive and intolerable behaviour and therefore has created this policy to allow all stakeholders of the School to fully understand their duties and obligations.