Our English courses

General English


  • Choose your own length of course
  • Our best course for those on a budget

Our Easy English course provides the best way of learning English using our unique method. Classes are designed to ease your progress through English at a pace that helps you fully understand the complexities of English.  Each lesson increases your level of English in the same way that native speakers learn.

This monthly run course allows you to attend for as long as you feel you need to.   Each month includes lessons based upon giving you the tools to understand and use English effectively.  Lessons are divided between exercises and using English in everyday situations. 

Classes are designed to increase abilities with writing, reading, listening but more importantly – speaking.  Lessons are full of examples and encourage the student to try things out for themselves and to experiement with what they are learning.

The course runs each day from Monday to Friday for 2 hrs a day.  Depending on availability classes can be in the morning or the afternoon to suit the students needs without any extra cost.

Fasttrak English course

Fasttrak English

  • 12 weeks course
  • Intensive learn English quick

This course is designed for those who have had prior schooling elsewhere in English but need to quickly reach a level where their English is suitable for employment or to enter further academic courses of study in other subjects.

The 12 week programme will cover all the essential components of understanding how English works.  Focus is on how English is used within the business, media, social, and academic environments and lessons are constructed to push the student to apply what they are learning to their own needs.

As the course is delivered more intensively than the General English courses, students are expected to supplement their study with more work at home, however time has been set aside within the course programme where students can gain direction from the Teacher of any problem areas that may arise.

Although there is no provision within the Fasttrak course to prepare for assessment exams, students are given assistance to prepare for employment or further education and several modules of the course on linguistics and speaking are directed towards this.


Exam Preparation

  • 6 week course
  • FCE, CAE, IELTS options

This course is designed for those students who wish to only prepare for upcoming exams in the Cambridge or IELTS exams.

The course is held on two days a week with each class lasting for 150mins  (including a short break). Over the 6 week length of the course the student practices each component part of the exam (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening) with the last 2 weeks of the course set aside for individual focus on the needs of the student towards areas which they feel need strengthening.

Students benefit from our unique method towards successful exam preparation which have a high proven percentage pass rate, giving them the confidence to sit these important exams for their career.

All course materials are up-to-date and provided at no extra charge to the student.